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WISDOM® 2022 SUMMER EXCLUSIVE「UMTC」ft.SDW  WSDM Washed Technology Denim Shorts


Release on 
2022.08.11 (Thu.) PM 22 : 00 電商上架
2022.08.12 (Fri.) AM 11 : 00 實體販售  
Web Store :
* 多組口袋設計與材質拼色拼接寬版短褲
* 後剪接夾車 WISDOM® 全新識別硬質織標
* 左後口袋上剪接處標註設計單位SDW電繡字樣
* 特殊水洗加工與抓皺工法呈現的經典丹寧自然褪色感
* 下擺兩側口袋邊附有軍事元素的吊掛牽帶提供模組吊掛需求
* 褲腰頭兩側配置彈性鬆緊帶,提供更好的舒適性
* 使用中空結合十字斷面的 Polyester 短纖交織,開發出具備丹寧緹花視覺效果的環保面料
* 相對於傳統棉的色紗織成的丹寧布,色牢度更加優異
* 中空紗具備保暖效果,十字斷面的紗線纖維有吸濕快乾與保暖功能
* 有別於棉的不易快乾與吸水後導致布料體積變重
* Oversized shorts use blocking textiles & colors with multiple pockets design
* New sturdy tag of WISDOM® logo 
* Embroidered logo of SDW design team on the seams of the back left pocket top
* Special washed technology and wrinkled design to accentuate the natural fading of denim textiles
* Military-inspired straps on the lower ends of both sides for any accessories
* Elastic waistbands on both sides for greater comfort
* Woven with a profiled staple polyester fiber that has an aerated design to deliver an eco-friendly textile with denim jacquard visuals
* Superior colorfastness over denim textiles created using spun cotton yarn
* Aerated yarn delivers warmth while the profiled yarn fiber delivers moisture-wicking, quick-drying and thermal functions
* Superior to cotton as cotton takes time to dry and becomes heavier after absorbing moisture


Main fabric: 100% Polyester 
Matching fabric: 100%Nylon


Black / Navy Army 




腰圍 Waist - S39 M41 L43 XL45
臀圍 Hips - S58 M60 L62 XL64
褲長 Length - S56 M58 L60 XL60
前檔 Front Rise Length -  S38 M39 L40 XL41
大腿寬 Thigh Circumference - S38 M39 L40 XL41
褲口寬 Leg Opening - S31 M31.5 L32 XL32.5

*All sizing information refers to relaxed sizes in centimeters.*

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