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An independent unit under WISDOM® UNIVERSE LOGISTICS, TERRAFORMING OUTPOST, has received an exploring mission. Only personnel meeting specific requirements are qualified to join this expedition and carry out the following terraforming procedure, which is critical for building a livable environment for the settlers in the future. Cotton, found in abundance on earth, is our primary material. Using the breathable, skin-friendly, and simple cotton to create this collection, we were able to present a conceptual design of a group uniform.
In recent years, changes in weather become more drastic and frequent. As summer arrives earlier and leaves later each year, wisdom®, being a brand that centers on functional designs, is launching a SUMMER EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION to cater to the everlasting summer and the indistinct seasons. The collection showcases the brand's growing line of black attire, and invited the emerging designer, "Zihjini", to design the visuals. The collection develops a series of short-sleeve T-Shirt designs of graphic prints; along with shirts, pants, shorts, and hats. The collection further employs the more eco-friendly high-count cotton and is mainly focused on delivering a light and breezy skin-feel for the summer. Its natural material is hygroscopic and breathable, making it smooth to the touch. The entire collection reiterates the brand's simplistic and sleek design, and its focus on catering to the needs of varying environment and conditions. The collection will available on 2019/07/10. 



For the overall visual design, wisdom® and Zihjini extend the theme of WISDOM® UNIVERSE LOGISTICS in the spring/summer collection, envisioning a mission panel for a package delivery carrier: destinations, geographical analysis, physical information of the carrier, as well as the analytics of the carrier's equipment. As we added more details to the galactic world-view, we also created a branch unit for the package delivery service - TERRAFORMING OUTPOST - which is in charge of galactic expeditions and the terraforming engineering procedures that follow. The logo of the unit contains a human body and planetary orbits. The open arms of the human body exemplify our core belief in exploring the universe, and the symbolic representation of the human form indicates our hope to encounter new civilizations. 


ABOUT Zihjini

Graphic designer. Currently focusing on graphic designs and publication. Also is the founder and designer of clothing brand Wall of Sound, is fascinated by sub-cultures, underground and independent music, and mysteries, and the visual design of such themes. 

Creative Director_Hans Chyi
Photographer_Sih Wei Chen
Model_Shiro 張塏岳
Graphic designer_Zihjini 
Brand Manager_Alister Chen
Designer_Hans Chyi
Designer_Yuchi Cheng & Kevin Lee
Text_Andy Chang
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