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Welcome aboard!

This summer, we are going to the Galaxy of TRAPPIST - 1.

Since the mission will span as long as 3 months, family members are allowed in this journey.

To spend more precious time with my family and to study TRAPPIST - 1, the highly developed solar system, I plan to stay 3 more months there on family vacation and conducting research.

The solar system there contains 7 planets and multiple moons and satellites, each with a unique weather, geology, and population - theme parks showcasing the evolution and development of the worlds are interlinked by hyperspace travel, allowing travelers to explore space, time, and the other dimensions in between.


My mission involves attending the conference on the development of planet NW-51; in addition, along with supervisors and researchers of other departments, I have to test multiple hypotheses and collect data.

Let's hope that everything goes well.

And let's hope that...

the space coffee tastes better this time...

"The universe is out there." The next great adventure for humans points ultimately into space. The concept for the new season is based on a hypothetical log of a galactic journey. Experiences of the past, prospects for the future and the present day are interwoven into the wisdom® 2018 spring/summer collection. The collection stems from wisdom® aspiration for traveling: TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY. By making space travel the ultimate goal, we come up with attires of different purposes for different types of travel: CITY TRIP / BUSINESS TRIP / GOOUT TRIP. Once again, wisdom® has presented a comprehension collection with maximum mobility.

Against the backdrop of the imagined universe, wisdom® interlays reality and imagination, constructing a family unit traveling through space. Within this universe, we design outfits that are suitable for different geological conditions and work purposes on the planets. The attire can endure the prolonged summer heat as well as the storms of the rainy season. As demand for professional gear increases, we have also upgraded the camping gear to cater to travelers heading to a more natural environment. The design aims to respond to a series of traveler demands. Our abilities to establish knowledge systems and explore the unknown stem from our imagination and quest for the future. As climate change continues to affect our lives, we strive to study how to make clothing evolve. Hence, this upcoming season's theme: BECAUSE THE UNIVERSE IS OUT born. 

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