Continuing the world view in the 18SS season, after the long journey in universe, we are expanding the concept of traveling to exploring new continents. The story has also moved from preparations before taking off to explorations and frontier pushing on the planets. As we’re shifting to a new season, task explanations in the travel log are interlaid with past experiences and collected information, giving us a glimpse of design concepts connecting to the future. The 18 AW Collection once again manifests wisdom® aspiration for traveling: TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY. With TPO rule in mind, we come up with attires of different purposes for different types of travel: CITY TRIP / BUSINESS TRIP / GOOUT TRIP to satisfy attire and accessory needs to enable maximum mobility. 

With inspirations both from the reality and the imaginary, wisdom® 18AW Collection has designed pieces with military elements that suit the needs for traveling, working and outdoor activities in different seasons. As, according to NASA, the Earth is entering solar minimum and Little Ice Age, and the on-going increase in functional fabric prices, it is important to design lighter, warmer and skin-friendly clothing while keeping a balance between style and wearability. In this season, we continue to work with major suppliers to develop excellent-performing water-repellent, tough, and tearing-resistant fabric, and also the lightest Polypropylene fiber with 650 fill Down insulation. By using these fabrics, our design is the perfect combination of style and function. With different attires and matching travel bags, gears and accessories, the wsidom® 18 AW Collection is taking the image of modern travelers a step further. Grab your gears, we’re going for—INTERSTELLAR FRONTLINE!

Creative Director_Hans Chyi
Photographer_Sih Wei Chen
Model_Julian Furtak
Make-up_ChunHua Huang
Brand Manager_Alister Chen
Designer_Yuchi Cheng, Zoe Wang
Pattern Cutter_Ying-Yu Chen
Assist_Kevin Lee, Joe Chiao 
Graphic Design_Panyuchou
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