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WISDOM®  X⋅02 | the next advancing


In the wake of the return to basics of last season, WISDOM® X⋅02 is the advanced version of X⋅01. In 2020 SS, we remain committed to developing functional contemporary clothing that caters to future needs. As we aspire to paint a picture in the cosmos, we are also deeply invested in our partnership with Taiwanese textile manufacturers in developing special function fabrics. Mobility, comfort, and agility are taken into meticulous considerations as we closely examine wearer feedbacks. Through adopting 3D cutting, detail-oriented techniques, and functional fabrics, we are introducing a series of refined designs.  

Inspired by the concept of high intensity futuristic military training, WISDOM® 2020 SS X⋅02 was designed to maximize physical capability and endurance with minimum wearer burden. Black, green, orange, grey, blue, khaki and other colors indicative of varied military operations like the covert special ops, combat assembly, disaster mitigation, are incorporated into the design as well. Meanwhile, enhanced wearer comfort is achieved in various functional designs that feature lightweight, permeability, ductility and close-fitting cutting. Practicing to attain perfection in an everyday scenario is the mission of the X 02 series.

WISDOM® 2020 SS debuts a number of fabrics that feature conflicting properties. For instance, SHIN-COOL® is a translucent lightweight fabric that resembles high-quality satin but boasts enhanced wear-resistance. It is light and thin, yet highly tear-resistant and windproof. In addition, its nylon property gives it a mildly wrinkled texture which is easy to clean and store. The entire development process adheres to WISDOM®’s core value: TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY. 

Creative Director_ Hans Chyi 
Photographer_ Sih Wei Chen 
Model_ Tokio Konishi 
Stylist_ Kevin Lee
Designer_ Yuchi Cheng & Kevin Lee 
Graphic Design_ Ann Chen 
Text_ Andy Chang 
Brand Manager_ Alister Chen
Thanks_ Sdanley Shen

Copyright© WISDOM® All Rights Reserved.

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