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Under the constraints of space-jumping technologies, physical transportation is not as swift as energy transmissions, such as the transmission of sound and light. Nevertheless, as interstellar immigration and trade continue to boom, the demand for space freighter and package delivery have been on the rise. Logistic services in space have become a popular profession. WISDOM UNIVERSE LOGISTICS, the command center of the Universe Logistics Organization, is in charge of delivery and dispatching, package storage, loading, and communications. It has a well-established structure and a rigorous training program: All package carriers have to pass the graduation exam of disciplines including Deep space climate observation, Astrogeology, and Alien anthropology before they are qualified to travel across the universe, overcoming all sorts of barriers, and deliver the packages to their final destinations. As the carriers complete delivery after another, they have to deal with every problem at hand, making the entire experience a larger-than-life journey that transcends space and time.

WISDOM UNIVERSE LOGISTICS | A Package Delivery Service of the Universe


The concept of design last year was based on space travel and exploration. Building on the same galactic world-view, wisdom® once again creates a package delivery service of the universe - WISDOM UNIVERSE LOGISTICS - that travels through space aiding the need for transport of all interstellar travelers. We conjure up various scenarios, imagining the life and activities of package carriers working under different environments, and create our new collection. We maintain the collection's futuristic look, as well as our aspiration for traveling: TRIP EASY, FUNCTION BEAUTY. We aim to meet the requirements of long-term travel and activities, creating outfits that can withstand changes in temperature and travelers' physical condition due to ever-changing weather or geography as they travel through space and time.

WISDOM UNIVERSE LOGISTICS is the first comprehensive design concept since our work in Taipei Design and City Exhibition 2015 (Uniform Reunited - uniform design for Post Office mail carriers) and 2018 Creative Expo Taiwan (Body Defining - attire design for package carriers). We create the complete profile of a logistics service and a series of characters while adding the space element to highlight the futuristic and next-gen styles of our attires. Also, we add a corporate identity design to the entire collection to create a coherent look that reinforces the urban outdoor and business casual elements. While the textiles remain skin-friendly, cooling, water-repellent and permeable, we continue to select improved textiles that are light-weight and elastic. We not only use top-notch Japanese fabrics in our design, but we also work with major manufacturers of functional materials in Taiwan to develop various fabrics. For example, the Classic WMA Hard Shield series - a gray, jacquard fabric that symbolizes the surface of the moon, used in the outdoor outfit for space travelers, the all-new modular, detachable backpack accessories, and the chest pack SURFACE collaborated with Hanchor®. The full-stretch Seersucker fabric suits are easy to pack and wrinkle-resistant. Japan's KOKAGEMAX® and CUPRAMMONIUM RAYON (copper fiber) are long-term anti-bacterial fabrics. These fabrics embody the design concept of rapid movements as well as the futuristic style.

Creative Director_Hans Chyi
Photographer_Sih Wei Chen
Model_Du Wei 杜威
Make-up_Chun Hua Huang
Brand Manager_Alister Chen
Designer_Hans Chyi & Yuchi Cheng
Assist_Kevin Lee
Graphic Design_Ann Chen
Text_Andy Chang
Thank you_HANCHOR
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