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WISDOM® and GOOPiMADE®’s third collaboration this year delivers a dimension jumper built upon the theories of mathematics and science fiction, a mad concept that will lead you from 03 to 04 and down another dimension.

The collaboration finds its inspiration from an American short sci-fi story and the derivative 15-minute film by Colin Levy in which a brilliant mathematician that has devoted his entire life to mathematical theories obsesses over a secret integer that exists between 3 and 4, calling it BLEEM. He continues to believe that the integer BLEEM is the key to solving currently unexplainable scientific mysteries even after he was admitted into a psychiatric ward and no one believing in him. “The integer between 3 and 4, BLEEM.” Human lives in the third dimension and perhaps a more advanced civilization exists in a higher dimension. The brilliant mathematician believed that humans could not develop further because the two-dimension is flat, the three-dimension is space, and the four-dimension introduces the concept of time. As long as we were to prove the existence of BLEEM, we could travel between different space-times.

The collection is comprised of three different logics and materials:

Guide line -
Primary materials are 100% cotton with an image collection employing images and word sequences to outline the concept.
Dimension Jumper -
The Urban Outdoor hiking collection is based on the concept of crossing over from the third to the fourth dimension. Newly-developed durable water repelling fabrics were used to create a motley and metallic nylon effect, mimicking the eroding effects time would have when attempting to travel between time and dimensions.
BLEEM Chaos -
The paradoxical mathematics and physics phenomenon that exists but cannot be understood was the inspiration for the collection’s color blocked military-inspired functional wear. Three layers of 10K/10K waterproof and breathable fabric combine to create a collection that carefully designs the concept into the color blocks. The overall fit and cargo pockets are also filled with many intricate designs.
A three-brand collaboration seemed only appropriate for the third collaboration: GOOPiMADE® and WISDOM® also works RHINOSHIELD to issue the limited edition GOOPiMADE® x WISDOM® x RHINOSHIELD military grade phone case, marking the first time a unique product from a fourth design logic was produced out of a three-brand collaboration.
Whether it’s the bold color blocks and waterproof material in the BLEEM Chaos collection or the metallic nylon durable water repellant material in the Dimension Jumper collection or even the dual-purpose military grade phone case birthed from the collaboration with RHINOSHIELD, the line is riddled with fascinating attention to detail and materials. As opposed to the more sci-fi and intergalactic themes of previous collections, the new line delivers a more realistic but paradoxical multi-dimensional concept.

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